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European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG)

The European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) is the Commission's main forum to consult national and European consumer organisations.


  • constitutes a forum for general discussions on problems relating to consumer interests;

  • gives an opinion on Community matters affecting the protection of consumer interests;

  • advises and guides the Commission when it outlines policies and activities having an effect on consumers;

  • informs the Commission of developments in consumer policy in the Member States;

  • acts as a source of information and soundboard on Community action for the other national organisations.


ECCG consists of:

  • one representative of national consumer organisations per country;

  • one member from each European consumer organisation (BEUC and ANEC);

  • two associate members (EUROCOOP and COFACE);

  • Two EEA observers ( Iceland and Norway).

The ECCG meets three times a year in Brussels. It has been created by Commission Decision 2003/709/EC of 9 October 2003. This Decision has been repealed by Commission Decision 2009/705/EC of 14 September 2009 setting up a European Consumer Consultative Group.


ECCG sub-groups

  • ECCG sub-group on financial services

  • ECCG sub-group on energy

  • ECCG sub-group on competition

ECCG sub-group on competition

The ECCG sub-group on Competition brings together representatives of consumer organisations from each Member State and those active at EU level, to discuss twice a year in Brussels competition issues. National Competition Authorities are also participating to one meeting a year.

The main objectives of the ECCG sub-group on competition:

  • sharing views with consumer representatives and getting input from them on competition/consumer issues;

  • drawing the Commission's attention to specific problems of concern to consumers or national situations for consumers;

  • exchanging best practices and pooling available expertise on competition matters between consumer organisations;

  • getting feedback on the practical results of competition enforcement actions, at both national and EU levels;

  • informing and raising awareness among EU and national consumer representatives about current competition issues;

  • reporting to the ECCG.

The secretariat and the presidency of the Committee are held by the Commission. For further information, please contact secretariat: