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Websites offering consumer credit online, now more than 75% compliant after sweep 2011

  • Over 75% of the websites checked for breach of EU consumer rules now give satisfactory information to clients compared to only 30% in November 2011.

In September 2011, consumer authorities in 27 Member States, Norway and Iceland checked 565 sites offering consumer credit online. The main problems found were unfair contract terms, missing information in consumer credit advertising and omission of key information about the offer.

An "EU sweep" is an exercise to enforce EU law. It is led by the EU and carried out by national enforcement authorities who conduct simultaneous, coordinated checks for breaches in consumer law in a particular sector. The national enforcement authorities then contact companies about suspected irregularities and ask them to take corrective action or face legal action.

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Press Release: Buying consumer credit on-line: following EU action, over 75% of websites checked now give satisfactory information to clients

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