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  Hearing Green Paper Consumer Protection, 7 December 2001slide

The Hearing announced in the Green Paper took place on 7 December 2001 in Brussels. The purpose of this Hearing before the conclusion of the consultation period was to provide further information and clarification on the Green Paper as well as initiate a preliminary exchange of views among a variety of interested stakeholders.

Opening remarks by David Byrne, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection

Speakers' agenda pdf(108KB)


Session 1: The case for reform.

Speech by Robert Coleman: "The need for action" pdf(49KB)

Comments by stakeholders and the Commission pdf(115KB)

Session 2: The harmonisation approach.

Speech by Giuseppe Abbamonte: "The harmonization options" pdf(72KB)

Comments by stakeholders and the Commission pdf(123KB)

Session 3: Self-regulation, guidance and stakeholder participation.

Speech by David Mair: "Self regulation, non-binding guidance and stakeholder participation" pdf(86KB)

Comments by stakeholders and the Commission pdf(105KB)

Session 4: Enforcement.

Speech by Carina Tornblom "Enforcement" pdf(124KB)

Comments by stakeholders and the Commission pdf(90KB)

Attendance list pdf(111KB)

Press release of 6 December 2001 pdf(14KB)

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