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Our consumer services

European Consumer Centres offer free consumer advice and support to EU* residents who are buying goods or services from a trader based in another EU* country.

* and Iceland, Norway 
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European Consumer Centres CANNOT:

force traders to take action: they rely on persuasion (but it works in at least half of the cases they handle!)

be your legal representative (e.g. in court)

handle your consumer complaint if the trader is based in your own home country. See our tips on who else may help you

intervene if the trader is based outside the EU (e.g. in the US or Canada)

handle your complaint if you don't legally reside in the EU*

* or Iceland, Norway

Can ECC-Net help me?

  • Holiday did not go as planned?
  • Goods never arrived?
  • What are my EU consumer rights?
  • Who to complain to?
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