European Consumer Centres: holiday advice on package travel

Package travel: holiday advice on your EU rights

The EU Package Travel Directive gives you many EU-wide rights when you book a package holiday. European Consumer Centres offer holiday advice on these rights and free help if you have problems with a tour operator or travel agency based in another EU country, Iceland or Norway.

Things went wrong on holiday: what do I do?

Contact the organiser as soon as possible. You should have received local contact details.

Depending on your country, the travel agency where you bought the package may also be your first point of contact. In some countries, there are deadlines for filing your holiday complaint. If in doubt, get more online advice from your European Consumer Centre.

If you did not get an answer to your complaint or you are not happy with the answer, see if your European Consumer Centre can help you further.

Your European Consumer Centre can:

give you more detailed online advice on your package travel rights: the EU rules set minimum rights and some countries have stricter rules

if the organiser (tour operator) or travel agent is based in another EU country*, the Centre can advise you on your case and help reach an amicable solution to your complaint.

advise you on further action, for example on using an out-of-court scheme.

* and Iceland, Norway

How the Centres helped others

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