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Online shopping

Shopping online on the EU-wide market can offer savings and greater choice. EU online shoppers enjoy a set of consumer rights under EU distance selling rules, including cooling-off periods which mean the freedom to change your mind. European Consumer Centres can advise you on your online purchases from abroad or help with any problems.

Problems with my EU online purchase: what do I do?

Always try to contact the seller first: under your 2-year guarantee, the seller is liable if the product turns out to be faulty or not as advertised.

Check the terms of any additional commercial guarantees that the seller may have offered you: they are also binding for them.

If you have a dispute with a seller in another EU country* about your purchase or you are not sure about your rights, contact your European Consumer Centre.

Your European Consumer Centre can:

offer more detailed online advice on the additional online-shopping rights you may have in the country of your purchase;

advise you on your particular problem with your online order from another EU country*;

if you have a problem with an online purchase from another EU country* and have a complaint with the seller, they can handle your complaint and help you solve the problem.

* and Iceland, Norway

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