ECC-Net: consumer advice for your EU shopping trips: 2-year guarantee and more

Buying goods and services

Planning a shopping trip in Europe? Or simply buying a product or service on holiday? You have the same EU-wide consumer rights as in your own EU country, including a 2-year guarantee. European Consumer Centres offer advice which will help you avoid problems or use your rights in case of problems.

Problems with my EU purchase: what do I do?

Always try to contact the seller first: under your 2-year guarantee, the seller is liable if the product turns out to be faulty or not as advertised.

Check the terms of any additional commercial guarantees that the seller may have offered you: they are binding on them. Under the seller’s guarantee, it may be possible to repair or replace your product back home even though you bought it abroad.

If you have an unresolved complaint against a foreign EU-based seller about your problem or you are not sure about your rights, contact your European Consumer Centre.

Your European Consumer Centre can:

offer more detailed online advice on the additional rights you may have in the country of your purchase or on restrictions that may apply for specific services;

advise if you have a problem buying a product or service in another EU country*;

if you have a complaint against a foreign EU seller, they can handle your complaint and help you solve the problem.

* and Iceland, Norway

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