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Safety of services

Services constitute a large and increasing part of EU economies and are important determinants of competitiveness and growth. Their safety is a key focus area for the European Commission, which aims to protect consumers from risks and accidents that may occur when using a service.

The European Commission collects data and information on risk and safety aspects of services in order to strengthen the knowledge base and inform policy action.

Safety of tourism accommodation services

Consumers in the EU should be able to feel safe in any tourism accommodation of their choice regardless of their destination within the EU. As more and more consumers spend their holidays across borders within the EU, the Commission has decided to ask for views in order to collect information and evidence on consumers' experiences with tourism accommodation and has launched on 29 July 2014 a Green Paper on the Safety of tourism Accommodation Services.

The consultation should contribute to an evaluation of certain fundamental aspects related to tourism accommodation safety:

  • Are the existing rules and their implementation throughout the EU adequate and sufficient?
  • Are modern safety risks taken into account on the provision of such services across borders?
  • Are these risks linked somehow to gaps in the current legislation?
  • What is the impact on small and medium-size enterprises and vulnerable consumers?
  • What objectives could be best met and at which level?

2012 Eurobarometer on service safety

In 2012, a Flash Eurobarometer Report on Service Safetypdf Choose translations of the previous link  survey questioned over 25 000 people across the EU on the safety of tourism services e.g. accommodation, organised outdoor activities, swimming pools, beauty and wellness centres, amusement parks, fairgrounds. The results show:

  • More information and the public consultation

    wide use of the surveyed services and the persistence of accidents;

  • consumers are most likely to report accidents when using organised outdoor leisure activities;

  • children are a vulnerable category;

  • the safety issues refer to the lack of information on safety and qualified staff.

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