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Cooperation with stakeholders

The General Product Safety Directive Committee

The General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) Committee assists the European Commission in several tasks related to the implementation of the  Directive, in particular, when the Commission takes decisions requiring Member States to urgently restrict the placing on the market of products posing serious risks or withdraw them.

The committee consists of delegates from national ministries or authorities, responsible for product safety on a national level.

It also delivers opinions on draft Commission Decisions on products presenting serious and immediate risks, on safety requirements for specific products and on amendments to the Annex to the Directive, which sets out the operating procedures for the Rapid Alert System RAPEX.

The committee is also regularly consulted on issues related to the referencing in the Official Journal of European standards under the Directive and on other matters relevant to the application of the Directive.

Consumer Safety Network

The Consumer Safety Network is a consultative experts group chaired by the European Commission and composed of national experts from the administrations of the EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The safety of consumer products such as lighters and of consumer services, including fire safety in hotels, and the relevant data collection, are the main areas of discussion.

The network was composed in 2008 out of the Consumer Safety Working Party and the Product Safety Network to stimulate reflection and discuss topics related to consumer product and service safety and to form a knowledge base for policy work. It meets on average three times a year, usually in cooperation with the General Product Safety Committee meetings.

Informal group on better traceability for non-food consumer products

The Commission has set up an informal expert group on product traceability with a 2-year term starting from September 2011 to:

  • inform the Commission of good practice, standards, problems etc. in the area;

  • recommend actions for improvement;

  • discuss international developments and signal weaknesses in existing practices.

Better traceability of products helps the market surveillance authorities of EU countries to find dangerous products and remove them from the market, cooperating through RAPEX.

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