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Consumer Rights Directive

As from June 13th 2014, the EU has new, strengthened and harmonised Consumer protection rules.
The new Consumer Rights directive applies the same way in all EU countries which means that consumer can always be sure which rules apply when cross-border purchases are made. 

In the same way, traders and businesses in EU countries also know what they have to provide in terms of consumer rights.

What does the new directive bring in practice?

  • It bans so called hidden charges and other cost traps on internet offers.

  • Traders will have to offer consumers full transparency as to the total cost of a product or service they offer.

  • Pre-ticked boxes on Internet pages are banned, adding transparency and full information to consumers.

  • Consumers now enjoy a Europe-wide right of withdrawal within 14 days, doubling the previously foreseen 7 days. If a consumer is not clearly informed about this withdrawal period by the trader, the withdrawal period automatically is extended to one year.

  • If a contract is cancelled by the consumer for any reason, a full refund shall be made within 14 days, including costs of delivery. To simplify for consumers, a special voluntary form for cancellations has been developed.

  • Extra charges for payments with credit cards and increased fees for so called hot-lines provided by tradersare are banned.

The directives foresees also further rights for consumers and obligations for traders. Please read more in the Directive and documents below.

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