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Market monitoring

The Consumer Market Monitoring Survey tracks the functioning of consumer markets across the EU, Iceland and Norway. It provides data for the Consumer Markets Scoreboard. The Market Monitoring Survey is conducted since 2010 (up till 2013 on an annual basis). In 2015 the Joint Research Centre of the Commission reviewed the soundness and robustness of the survey methodology. The 2015 survey benefited from some further methodological improvements aimed at better understanding respondents' assessments of markets.

The Consumer Market Monitoring Survey allows ranking markets on the basis of the ‘Market Performance Indicator’ (MPI) — a composite index taking into account five key aspects of consumer experience:

1. Comparability: the ease/difficulty of comparing goods or services on offer;

2. Trust: the extent to which consumers trust that retailers/suppliers comply with consumer protection rules;

3. Expectations: consumer satisfaction, the extent to which a market lives up to what consumers expect;

4. Choice: consumers' satisfaction with the number of retailers/suppliers;

5. Overall detriment: proportion of consumers who experienced problems in the market and the degree to which those problems cause detriment (including, but not limited to financial loss) to the consumers.

The five components of the index are weighted on the basis of their relative importance as stated by consumers and the maximum total score is 100.

In addition, the Market Monitoring Survey also covers:

6. Complaints: consumers' propensity to complain in particular to the seller/provider and/or a third party as a result of the problems experienced;

7. Switching: switching of tariffs/ providers, together with an assessment of the ease of switching and reasons for not switching (only for relevant markets).

Monitoring consumer markets in the EU, 2015 report

In addition to the Report, an online dissemination platform enables user-friendly and interactive access to most of the underlying data.


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