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Market monitoring

The Consumer Market Monitoring Survey tracks the functioning of over 50 consumer markets across the EU, Iceland and Norway. It provides data for the Consumer Markets Scoreboard.

The main ranking of markets is based on the ‘Market Performance Indicator’ (MPI) — a composite index taking into account four key aspects of consumer experience:

  1. the ease of comparing goods or services on offer;

  2. consumers’ trust in retailers/suppliers to comply with consumer protection rules;

  3. problems experienced and the degree to which they have led to complaints;

  4. consumer satisfaction (the extent to which the market lives up to what consumers expect).

The four components of the index are weighted equally and the maximum total score is 100.

In addition, for the relevant markets, the Scoreboard also monitors the choice of retailers/providers and switching of tariffs/ providers.

Monitoring consumer markets in the EU, 2013 report
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Market overview

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