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  Thessaloniki seminar Enforcement of consumer policy for Bulgaria and Romania, Monday 22 - Wednesday 24 November 2004slide

The seminar has been organised by TAIEX (the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange unit of Directorate-General Enlargement) in Co-operation with DG Health and Consumer Protection.

As in the case of the four previous seminars organised for Poland (Berlin, May 2003), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Helsinki, September 2003) Czech Republic, Malta and Slovakia (Vienna, December 2003) and Cyprus, Hungary and Slovenia (Abano, March 2004) the Commission invited representatives of consumer organisations, as well as businesses, members of the judiciary and enforcement authorities in charge of consumer affairs from Bulgaria and Romania, to participate.

With a structure similar to that of the four earlier events, Thessaloniki offered the opportunity to discuss, in a practical way, consumer issues with relevant stakeholders from the Member States. Promoting the networking among the stakeholders from the two candidate countries was also one of the key objectives of the seminar. The event was organised in a way that allowed all delegates attend each of the sessions. Three debate sessions covered the following subjects:

1.  General Product Safety,
2.  Protection of Economic Interests of Consumers and
3.  Information and Education of Consumers - Role of Consumer Organisations and Relations with State Bodies.

Please refer to the documents below for further details.

The discussions were lively and interactive. Also, there was a "brainstorming session" per country on the last day of the seminar, so that all stakeholders in consumer policy could discuss the national perspectives, with the findings being presented at the closing session. During the whole event, there was simultaneous interpretation to and from English, Bulgarian and Romanian.

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