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your credit rights
in only 2 minutes !

Be aware that you have rights before and after taking out credit. The EU has put in place rules and safety mechanisms that protect you throughout the credit selection and payback period.

It’s still worth checking your credit rights.

The next time you buy a new smartphone or decide to replace one of your home appliances, you may be offered a consumer credit to pay for it in multiple instalments.
Before you sign, find out which important rights you have! Find out more at:

Have you signed your credit contract yet?

Before signing your contract, did you receive information in a standardised format?

It’s still worth checking your credit rights.

You have the right to receive your credit contract information in a consumer-friendly format, called the Standard European Consumer Credit Information form.
You can easily compare different credit offers before you sign, and have an overview of the agreement you’re considering.
Each credit provider is obliged to provide you with this form before you sign the contract.

Find out more about this form.

Great !

Your credit provider is following the rules.

Are you having second thoughts about the credit agreement you have signed?

Don’t worry, you have two weeks to revoke your credit!

If you are not sure about the credit agreement you have signed or don’t need to take out credit after all, you may withdraw from your credit contract within 14 days of signing. You do not have to justify your decision. But you will have to pay back the amount borrowed, plus interest and any non-refundable charges paid already by the credit provider.

Good !

You are now entering the pay-back period agreed with your credit provider.

Are you able to repay your credit faster than foreseen?

Use your right to pay off your credit ahead of time.

Your credit rights protect youduring the entire payback period and guarantee you the possibility of early repayment of your debt at any time. You may have to compensate the credit provider for lost income, but this compensation can’t exceed the total amount of interest actually lost.

No need to rush.

Just make sure to make all your instal­ment payments on time so you don’t risk any additional fees.