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Previous News (Third trimester) 1999

Facts and Figures : Surveys
Survey of new information and communications technologies in consumer organisations

Tenders and Grants
Study on Community consumer law and the information society

Overview - Legal Base
Decision No 283/1999/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 January 1999establishing a general framework for Community activities in favour of consumers

Safeguarding Consumers' Interests - E-Commerce
Report on the Conference on "Political Change for the Information Society"

Overview - Advisory Committee
Minutes of the meeting of the Consumer Committee - Brussels, 14 June 1999

Facts and Figures : Surveys
Survey of chargesfor cross border payments and changing cash from one euro zone currency to another

Tenders and Grants
Use and assessment of the European form for consumer complaints. Countries involved: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland and the United Kingdom (99/S 128-85489/FR) - Invitation to tender No XXIV/99/C2/009

Facts and Figures - Surveys
Eurobaromètre 51.1 : Les Européens et les associations de Consommateurs

Redress: Asserting Consumer Rights - Alternative Dispute Resolution - Database of notified out-of-court bodies
Out-of-court bodies responsible for the settlement of consumer disputes: Belgium and Greece

The Year 2000 bug and the Consumer

Tenders and Grants
Updating of the annotated compilation of Community law with respect to consumer protection (99/S 150-110638/FR) XXIV/99/C2/007

Consumer Associations and Networks - Consumer Committee
"The Final Phase of the Transition to the EURO"

Speaking notes for Commissioner Byrne's meeting with the Consumers Committee, Brussels, 20 September 1999