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Previous News (Second trimester) 1999

List of projects in the area of Consumer Policy and Consumer Health Protection selected for Community funding in 1999 ES DA DE ES FR IT NL PT FI SV

Redress : Asserting Consumer Rights - Complaints
How to use the consumer complaint form ?

Compilation annotée du Droit Européen de la Consommation

Consumer Committee
Consumer expectations and concerns regarding the introduction of the Euro ES DE FR PDF

Consumer Associations and Networks - Consumer Committee
Opinion of the Consumer Committee - Euro and banking charges

Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue
Speech of Mrs Emma Bonino, Commisionner responsible for Consumer Policy and Consumer Health Protection
Speech of M. Horst Reichenbach, Director General responsible for Consumer Policy and Consumer Health Protection

Tenders and Grants
Annual call for financial support to European consumer organisations in 2002

Press Releases
Emma Bonino favours high level of consumer protection in e-commerce

Press Releases
Second meeting of EU/US Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue

Facts and Figures : Surveys
Summary of the study on commercial practices in schools conducted at the request of the European Commission DE FR

Safeguarding Consumers' Interests
Jurisdiction and applicable law in cross-border consumer complaints
Socio-legal remarks on an ongoing dilemma concerning effective legal protection for consumer-citizens in the European Union

Safeguarding Consumers' Interests
Recommendations on transparency and fairness in retail banking, adopted by the ECLG on 22 March 1999 (ECLG/066/99 - 31/03/99)

A guide to consumer credit in five countries of the European Union : Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and the United Kingdom

Tenders and Grants
Call for expressions of interests (JO/OJ S102 - 28/05/99)