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  Participation in EU consumer policy programmeslide

Participation of candidate countries in Community programmes is an important way to prepare for accession and familiarise candidate countries' administrations, as well as their citizens, with the Community policies and working methods. For more information on participation of candidate countries in Community programmes, click here

Bulgaria and Romania expressed their interest in participating in the EU programme for consumer policy, Decision 20/2004/EC establishing a general framework for financing Community actions in support of consumer policy for the years 2004 to 2007.

The government of each country and the Commission signed a bilateral agreement or Memorandum of Understanding in October 2004. This lays down the practical terms of participation in the programme, including the financial contribution, from 2005 onwards. The agreement enables Bulgarian and Romanian consumer protection authorities and consumer associations to benefit from most of EU consumer policy actions, such as training for national officials and staff of consumer associations in EU legislation and participation in calls for specific projects.

Similar agreements were signed for the public health programme.

Bulgaria and Romania also expressed their interest in participating in the RAPEX system. Following a proposal made by the Commission on 13 October 2004, the Association Council of the Europe Agreement with Bulgaria took a decision validating this participation as of 9 March. The Association Council with Romania is expected to take a decision on Romania's participation in the near future.



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