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   List of projects in the area of Consumer Policy selected for Community funding in 2002 under the legal base for Community Activities in Favour of Consumers (Decision 283/1999/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council)

On 24 Mai 2001 (Official Journal C 153), DG Health and Consumer Protection published a call for applications for financial support for the activities of European consumer organisations in 2002 under Article 2(b) of the Decision No 283/1999/EC.

The Commission received 14 applications for financial support under Article 2(b).

On 1 August 2001 (Official Journal C 215) a call for applications for financial support for specific projects under Article 2(c) of Decision No 283/1999/EC has been published.

The Commission received 54 applications for financial support under Article 2(c). For the applications under Article 2(c), the Commission set up a project selection committee, which was assisted by external, independent consumer policy experts. Each project proposal was evaluated against the selection criteria published in OJ C 215 of 01/08/2001.

Having considered the evaluation results and having consulted the Advisory Committee representing the Member States on Mars 2002, pursuant to Article 9 of Decision 283/1999/EC, the Commission decided to fund 3 European consumer organisations (Article 2(b)) and 22 specific projects (Article 2(c)).

The number of projects selected for co-funding under Article 2(c) represents 40,7 % of the number of applications received. DG Health and Consumer Protection will now monitor the implementation of these.

Below is a list in French and English of the projects that will in principle be funded under articles 2(b) and 2(c).

List of projects


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