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   List of projects in the area of Consumer Policy and Consumer Health Protection selected for Community funding in 2001 under the legal base for Community Activities in Favour of Consumers (Decision 283/1999/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council)

On 26 April 2000 (Official Journal C 116), DG Health and Consumer Protection published a call for applications for financial support for the activities of European consumer organisations in 2001 under Article 2(b) of the Decision No 283/1999/EC.

At the same time a call for applications for financial support for specific projects under Article 2(c) of Decision No 283/1999/EC. The Commission received 12 applications for financial support under Article 2(b) and a total of 97 applications for financial support under Article 2(c).

For the applications under Article 2(c), the Commission set up a project selection committee, which was assisted by external, independent consumer policy experts. Each project proposal was evaluated against the selection criteria published in OJ C 116 of 26.4.2000.

Having considered the evaluation results with the relative merits of the applications and consulted the Advisory Committee representing the Member States on April 2001, pursuant to Article 9 of Decision 283/1999/EC, the Commission decided to fund 3 European consumer organisations (Article 2(b)) and 23 specific projects (Article 2(c)).

The number of projects selected for co-funding under Article 2(c) represents 23,7 % of the number of applications received. DG Health and Consumer Protection will now monitor the implementation of these projects and over the long term evaluates their results.

Below is a list in French and English of the projects that will in principle be funded under articles 2(b) and 2(c).

List of projects


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