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   List of projects in the area of Consumer Policy and Consumer Health Protection selected for Community funding in 1999

On 17 September 1998, the Commission published in the Official Journal C289 a call for projects to promote and protect consumer interests in 1999.

The focus of this call for projects was on training, particularly in the following areas:

bullet Food safety.
bullet Product safety (non-food).
bullet Financial services.
bullet Implementation of (Community) rights for consumers.
bullet New marketing techniques (electronic trading).
bullet Comparative tests.
bullet Standardisation of products and services.
bullet Information society.

The specific role played by the European consumer organisations was also recognised, as these organisations were given the option of presenting annual action plans eligible for funding. By the deadline, the Commission had received 219 applications for funding, of which 210 were eligible.

In December 1998, the Commission put in place a project selection committee, which included a consumer policy expert from outside the Commission.  Each project was evaluated against the selection criteria published in the OJ C289 of17.9.98.

Having considered the relative merits of the applications and consulted the Advisory Committee on 18 March 1999, pursuant to Article 9 of the Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council (Decision 283/1999 of 25/01/99, OJ 1999 L34/1) establishing a general framework for Community activities in favour of consumers, the Commission decided to fund 53 projects:

bullet 4 grants for European consumer organisations, under Article 2b of the Decision 283/1999/EC.
bullet 49 specific projects (only 41 projects were realised), under Article 2c of the Decision 283/1999/EC.

The total number of projects selected represents 25% of the total number of applications received.

The Commission will now follow closely the implementation of these projects and, over the long term, evaluate the results.

Below is a list in French and English of the projects that will in principle be funded under articles 2(b) and 2(c).

List of projects


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