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Studies and Surveys

Consumer Detriment

Defeating consumer detriment is at the heart of good policy making in the field of consumer protection. DG SANCO has carried out a study to analyse and estimate consumer detriment . The developed methodology will enable to identify where consumers are suffering detriment and assess the impact of policy initiatives on consumer detriment. The methodology will thereby assist in implementing a policy regime which promotes the interests of consumers in an effective way.

A handbook for policy officers offering guidance on how to apply the consumer detriment methodology in the context of impact assessments is available here.

Qualitative study – European consumers and services of general interest (July 2007), Report FR

Prices of services:

The European Commission launched a tender to develop a methodology for collecting price data in selected service sectors. The study elaborates a methodology to collect prices of services in eleven sectors.
Report - May 2006, Annex 1 Annex 2 Annex 3 Annex 4

Evaluation and monitoring of trends with regard to passenger needs on the level of service and treatment of passengers (short "EU service guarantees - EUSG") pdf
EU Commission , Tender TREN/A5/25-364/2005, Final Report December 2006

European consumers' attitudes on product labelling - May 2005

Survey on price differences in Europe: For more details on price differences in the Internal Market please consult the Internal Market scoreboard

Survey on car prices differentials within the European Union

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