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Scientific committees

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety ("SCCS"), which according to Commission Decision 2008/721/EC of 10 September 2008, replaces the functions of the Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products ("SCCP"), provides for independent scientific expertise. It is administered by the Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission.

Prior to technical adaptations of the Cosmetics Directive, the European Commission (through the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry) consults the SCCS by issuing a question on the aspects of safety for human health. Based on this (consult the SCCS website for the list of questions), the SCCS then delivers an opinion (list of the SCCS opinions and the opinions rendered by the SCCP since 2004). The opinion of the SCCS is usually based on a safety file submitted, for example, by Member States or industry.

The "Notes of Guidance for testing of Cosmetic Ingredients and Their Safety Evaluation by the SCCP ", updated by the 6th revision in 2006, provide assistance in the complex process of testing and safety evaluation of cosmetic ingredients. These notes of guidance also set out the essential information required in a safety file submitted for evaluation to the SCCS.

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