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Market Surveillance

The Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC requires that Member States of the European Union ensure that the competent authorities "cooperate in areas where such cooperation is necessary to the smooth application of this Directive". The area identified to bolster Member States administrative cooperation is market surveillance.

Member States are responsible for the surveillance of their market. To that end, they should cooperate and exchange information. In order to allow a smooth cooperation, a guidance document on administrative cooperation in the area of market Surveillance of Cosmetic products [45 KB] was drafted.

PEMSAC- The Platform of European Market Surveillance Authorities for Cosmetics

The market surveillance authorities of all Member States established the Platform of European Market Surveillance Authorities for Cosmetics, PEMSAC.

The aim of this network is, in particular, to facilitate cooperation by:

  • Coordinating activities,
  • Exchanging information,
  • Developing and implementing joint projects,
  • Exchanging expertise and best practices in the field of cosmetics market surveillance.

The members of PEMSAC are the representatives of market surveillance authorities of all the Member States and they meet twice a year in plenary and in two technical groups dealing with market surveillance and analytical methods.

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