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Cooperation and trade

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The European Commission is many ways in contact with different stakeholders active in the field of cosmetics.

In its regulatory activities, the Commission is assisted by the "Standing Committee on Cosmetics" (you may find the rules of procedure here pdf - 29 KB [29 KB] ), which is composed of official representatives of the EU-Member States.

Moreover, the Commission, EU-Member States and EEA, consumer organisations, industry and other stakeholders meet approximately 3-4 times per year in a "working group on cosmetics" in order to discuss ongoing issues concerning the regulatory framework of cosmetic products.

In the framework of its work, the Commission is in frequent contact with its counterparts of the main trading partners (for more general information, visit the International affairs web page).

In the cosmetics sector, these contacts are particularly crucial, as this is a very global industry: EU cosmetics worth more than €9 billion are sold outside the Community's borders every year. The import of cosmetics amounts to approximately €2.4 billion per year.

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