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Water recreation

Water safety guidelines for service providers

On July 14, 2008 the European Child Safety Alliance, EuroSafe launched a new resource entitled "Protecting children and youth in water recreation: safety guidelines for service providers ". This water safety resource is specifically tailored towards people working in the water recreation and tourism sectors to assist them in offering safe water related activities and services for children and families throughout Europe. Developed with the support of the European Commission and in collaboration with professional water recreation associations and injury prevention experts across Europe, these guidelines provide informative facts on injuries and hazards, and outline specific safety recommendations for water recreation service providers (hotel managers, rental providers, tour operators, etc.). The recommendations include: checking the risks linked to the water-related area and activity, particularly for vulnerable users such as children; providing the appropriate equipment, such as floatation devices; communicating the risks and hazards clearly; and having well-trained staff and an emergency plan in place. Specific recommendations are also set out for certain water-sports, including snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, motor-boating and kite-surfing.

For further information, please visit the European Child Safety Alliance website:

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