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Statistics and reports

Reports based on RAPEX notifications give an overview and highlight trends in product safety in the participating countries.

2013 RAPEX facts and figures - latest data

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Materials for communication purposes

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Annual reports

Annual Reports on the RAPEX system present the main developments in product safety over particular years. The reports give an overview of RAPEX in terms of notifications of risks and reactions by Member States. They cover for example information on notifying and reacting countries, countries of origin and types of products subject to notification, risks posed and measures taken.

You may obtain a hard copy of the RAPEX annual report via EUBookshop.

RAPEX notifications and reactions (monthly reports)

A notification consists of information provided by Member States concerning measures or actions taken for products presenting risk to the public interests.

A reaction is information provided by Member States in response to a ‘validated’ notification. In reactions Member States inform the Commission whether the notified dangerous product was found also on their territories and which measures were taken to restrict its marketing and distribution.



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Since its implementation, the number of notifications disseminated through RAPEX has grown significantly. This achievement is a result of shared efforts and efficient cooperation between all the national authorities and the European Commission.