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  • When a product (e.g. a toy, a childcare article or a household appliance) is found to be dangerous, measures are taken by the responsible economic operator or by the competent national authority to eliminate the risk. The product may need to be withdrawn from the market, recalled from consumers or warnings are needed. The National Contact Point then informs the European Commission (Directorate-General for Health and Consumer) about the product, the risks it poses and the measures taken to prevent risks and accidents.
  • The European Commission disseminates the information that it receives to the National Contact Points of all other EU countries. It publishes on these pages weekly overviews of products posing a risk and the measures taken to eliminate the risk.
  • The National Contact Points in each EU country ensure that the responsible authorities check whether the newly notified risky product is present on their market. If so, the authorities take the necessary steps to eliminate the risk.



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