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Operational guidelines (business level)

These guidelines from 2004 set out the practical details of how businesses should report dangerous consumer products to the competent authorities.

The guidelines address producers and distributors of consumer products as well as national authorities designated as contact points to receive notifications from producers and distributors.

The General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) requires producers and distributors to place only safe consumer products on the market and to take all the necessary measures to prevent risks for consumers. Among such measures, the Directive introduces the obligation that producers and distributors notify the competent authorities pdfappointed by the Member States when a product available on the market proves to be dangerous.

If a product is found to be dangerous, the producer or distributor must inform the authorities through the notification procedure. Depending on the nature of the risk, the authorities may require further action from the producer or distributor. This could take the form of a warning to the public of the risk connected with the product, banning the marketing of the product or withdrawing the product from the market.

The European Commission monitors the application of the guidelines, which may be updated based on experience and new developments. Feedback from stakeholders is welcome.

Consult the Guidelinespdf.

Please read the leaflet prepared by the European Commission in order to promote an obligation on the part of producers and distributors to notify the competent national authorities of the Member States about unsafe products placed on the EU market.

See also the following Guide developed by PROSAFE, the Product Safety Enforcement Forum of Europe (non-profit professional organisation for market surveillance authorities and officers from throughout the EEA), in cooperation with national authorities, business organisations, consumer associations and the European Commission. It aims at providing general information about what economic operators should do once they have indications that one of their products is unsafe.

"Business Application"

The "Business Application" is an IT tool to facilitate practical aspects of the obligation of producers and distributors under Article 5(3) of the General Product Safety Directive to notify the competent authorities of Member States and EFTA/EEA countries ("Member States") about a dangerous product they have placed on the market.

"Business Application" consists of two parts: the notification form and the online database.

  • The notification form is intended for producers and distributors. They should complete and submit this form to inform the competent authorities of Member States via the "Business Application" that a product they have placed on the market is dangerous. All notifications will be sent to and stored in the online database.
  • The online database is intended exclusively for the authorities of Member States responsible for receiving notifications on dangerous consumer products submitted by producers and distributors. In the database, the national authorities can view and process notifications sent by businesses.
Press release: New 'Business Application' to notify dangerous consumer products
Memo: Questions and answers on the 'GPSD Business Application'

It is highly recommended that a producer or a distributor reads the mentioned above Guidelines and the manual before completing and sending the notification to the competent authorities of Member States through "Business Application".

To access "Business Application", click here.



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