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  Product Safety and Market Surveillance Packageslide

The European Commission has proposed a new package of legislative and non-legislative measures to improve consumer product safety and to strengthen market surveillance of products in the EU.

The package, adopted by the European Commission on 13 February 2013 (see press release), will be discussed in the European Parliament and in the Council. It is expected that the new legislation will come into effect in 2015.

The package includes:

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  • January 2009 - Report on the implementation of the General Product Safety Directive

    The Directive has proven to be a powerful tool for ensuring a high level of consumer protection. It has helped to track down and eliminate a vast number of unsafe products from the European market. However, it also identified a number of issues requiring revision of the EU product safety framework.

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  • May-August 2010 - Public consultation

    The consultation gathered examples and figures enabling the European Commission to make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the problems encountered in the implementation/application of the GPSD and to find viable solutions as well as room for further improvement.

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    December 2010 - Workshop on the revision of the GPSD

  • January-March 2011 - Targeted Stakeholder workshops

    Four workshops were held on the following topics: Market surveillance cooperation; Traceability; Standardisation and Legal architecture.

  • September 2012 - Impact Assessment report

    Approval of the Impact Assessment Report for the proposal for a Regulation on general product safety and the proposal for a Regulation on market surveillance (for products).

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  • February 2013 - Adoption of the proposal by the European Commission

    New package of legislative and non-legislative measures to improve product safety proposed by the Commission.

    2013-2014 Proposals to be discussed in European Parliament and Council

    You find an overview of the legislative procedure on the website of the European Parliament and you can follow the development of the legislative decision-making process on Pre-Lex or on the "Legislative Observatory" of the European Parliament.

  • 2015 Expected date for the new legislation to come into effect (depending on outcome of the negotiations in the European Parliament and in the Council)



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