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Consumer product safety - Projects


Better traceability for non-food consumer products

The Commission has set up an informal expert group on product traceability with a 2-year term starting from September 2011 to:

Better traceability of products helps the market surveillance authorities of EU countries find dangerous products and remove them from the market, cooperating through RAPEX.

Members of the expert group pdf

Terms of Reference pdf

Final Report of the research of the informal expert group on product traceability pdf

Meeting of 26 June 2013 

Meeting of 04 March 2013 

Meeting of 28 November 2012 

Meeting of 14 June 2012

Meeting of 8 February 2012

Meeting of 13 September 2011

Safe children's products

ECOSA project

Many children suffer accidents using products specifically designed for them. These accidents lead to injuries and sometimes death. Consumers, especially parents of young children must be aware of potential hazards when using specific products, rather than assume that once available for purchase, they are safe.

This is the starting point of a EU-funded project co-ordinated by the European Child Alliance of the European Consumer Safety Association (ECOSA). The project lists the risks associated with 25 child-related products in order to advise consumers - parents and caretakers in particular - on their purchase and use.

See the 25 products, risks and advice: Report on Consumer rights for safe children's products pdf

The report's content is the sole responsibility of ECOSA and does not reflect the views of the Commission.

Study of potentially dangerous childcare articles

DG Health and Consumers' external study of potentially dangerous childcare articles and equipment (2007-2008) assessed some 20 products commonly used to bathe, feed or clothe newborns and young children. With partial standards and without European safety standards, they can lead to serious accidents, such as falling, suffocation or drowning.

Child Product Safety Guide: Potentially dangerous products

The European Child Safety Alliance along with its country partners and 3 key sponsors, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Kid Rapt Ltd., and the Consumer Safety Commission (CSC) in France have collaborated on a guide to raise awareness on the potential dangers associated with a variety of different childcare products. The "Child Product Safety Guide: Potentially dangerous products" was written to increase knowledge as a step toward reducing child injuries related to products in regular use by children and their caregivers. It provides comprehensive information on 26 products that injury experts in Europe have identified as most frequently posing injury risks to children. Read the guide here

Disclaimer: the guide's content is the sole responsibility of the European Child Safety Alliance and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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