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  Consultation on the General Product Safety Legislative Initiativeslide

Title: Revision of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC)
The General Product Safety Directivepdf

Policy field: Consumer policy, non-food product safety

Target group(s): EU citizens, economic operators, other organisations and relevant national authorities are welcome to provide feedback by responding to the questionnaire. Contributions are sought in particular to feed into the economic impact assessment, which is why there are focused sections for national authorities and economic operators. Other stakeholders can also reply to technical questions as far as they are relevant to them, and also provide more general remarks on the identified issues.

Period of consultation: From 18 May 2010 to 20 August 2010 Please note that the closing date for the consultation was postponed from 30 July to 20 August 2010

General context: The framework set up under the two successive General Product Safety Directives - Directive 92/59/EC and 2001/95/EC - has built up, in almost two decades, a system that fosters a general culture that all consumer products must be safe, and integrates the role of European standards for otherwise non-harmonised products. However, recurrent product safety alerts, either of global or regional relevance, have made it clear that we need a system that delivers more rapidly, efficiently and consistently throughout the EU and which, at the same time, is flexible enough to adapt to the challenges of globalisation and continue to contribute to the EU internal market of safe products.

Report on the implementation of the GPSDpdf

Summary of the consultation: GPSD - Summary of envisaged actionspdf

Scope of the consultation: The public consultation mainly concentrates on the following issues:

I. Standardisation procedures under the General Product Safety Directive

II. Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products

III. Market surveillance framework in the product safety area

IV. Alignment with the Free Movement of Products Package

Objective of the consultation: The public consultation intends to measure the size of the identified problems and to find viable solutions as well as room for further improvement.

Respondents should provide facts and figures in order to enable the Commission to make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the problems encountered in the implementation/application of the GPSD. Concrete examples and background information will allow an understanding of the reasons behind your statements and opinions. Reasoned suggestions for improvement are also welcome.

Your contributions will be analysed and assessed, and you can later have access to the general assessment.

Roadmap: please see herepdf

How to submit your contribution: Contributions may be submitted by using the online forms found under each of the four sections.

Please note that, in order to be able to assess the representativeness of your contributions, we would recommend you to first identify yourself by providing your association/company/authority name, nationality, sector/category, etc

Protection of personal data: please see here

Specific privacy statement : please see document enclosed pdf.

The consultation has four sections. You may choose to reply only to questions from a specific section, but replies to all questions from all sections are welcome.

It is not possible to save the questionnaire.

We would also invite you to reply in a clear and concise manner providing where possible concrete examples and facts.

We would also like to know whether DG SANCO can contact you if further details related to your comments/replies are required.

To help you understand the terminology used, a glossary is available in a PDF version. You can also address queries where necessary to mailbox.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire and for giving your contribution.

Reference Documents: Glossary on the GPSD pdf

Contact details: Responsible service: DG Health and Consumers, Unit B3 - Product and Service Safety


Postal address: European Commission, DG SANCO B 232, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium



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