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Current set-up under the General Product Safety Directive for the adoption of standardisation mandates for the elaboration of European standards providing for presumption of conformity with the general safety requirement


Procedures for issuing mandates and publishing standards in the OJEU are too long and bureaucratic

Current procedures do not keep pace with technological development


No action at EU level

Legal measures setting the specific safety requirements for products would be directly applicable to third parties and would be adopted for categories of products (e.g. child-care articles) or hazards (e.g. chemical hazards)

Adoption of "standing or framework" mandates to the European Standardisation Organisations on the basis of measures setting requirements for the fulfilment of the general safety requirement

Introduction of interim measures, subject to the adoption of a standard or a legal provision, that would provide presumption of conformity for products which comply with an existing European or international standard

Direct referencing of existing European standards, developed without a Commission mandate

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Consultation Paper N°1pdf- Standardisation procedures under the General Product Safety Directive

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