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A. Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products necessitating an emergency action


Adoption and application of EU product safety "emergency" measures


Repeated renewal of EU product safety "emergency" measures causes legal uncertainty

Unequal implementation of EU product safety "emergency" measures by Member States distorts the level playing field


No measures at EU level

Extension of the period of validity of EU product safety "emergency" measures

Making EU product safety "emergency" measures directly apply to economic operators

B. Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products in non-emergency situations


Why risk assessment of identical products may differ


Diverging safety evaluations due to differing test results

Persistent differences in the safety aspects of certain consumer products


No action at EU level

Several years of experience with the General Product Safety Directive have shown that the above divergences on test results and risk assessment have so far largely been resolved on a case-by-case basis by the Commission services and national authorities, but without any feedback as to whether an achieved consensus found the agreement of all other Member State market surveillance authorities. In certain cases where divergences persisted, the Commission services convened meetings with Member State experts who discussed the problem and eventually reached consensus. In other cases, scientific committee opinions led to coherent approaches or even EU level action. Nevertheless, in some cases, the divergences have not yet been smoothed out. Should no action at EU level be taken, this unsatisfactory situation could continue to exist resulting in fragmentation of the internal market, with different levels of consumer protection in different Member States.

Close topic

Possibility of an additional laboratory test

Binding EU-wide measures setting specific safety requirements for certain products

Consultation Paper N°2pdf- Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products


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