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A. Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products necessitating an emergency action


Adoption and application of EU product safety "emergency" measures


Repeated renewal of EU product safety "emergency" measures causes legal uncertainty

Unequal implementation of EU product safety "emergency" measures by Member States distorts the level playing field


No measures at EU level

If the temporary EU product safety "emergency" measures continue to exist under their current framework, on the one hand, they will continue to cause confusion to economic operators, as a result of the uncertainty about their annual renewal by the Commission; on the other hand, if the Commission continues to renew these measures each year, it will perpetuate the existence of unnecessary administrative costs related to these renewals and their formal implementation on national level. Due to the absence of direct applicability to economic operators, EU product safety "emergency" measures will continue to enter into force at different points of time in individual Member States which will compromise their aim of ensuring rapid protection of consumers against the dangerous products. EU product safety "emergency" measures will, thus, create uncertainty for economic operators amplified by the fact that there are no predefined criteria to offer guidance about their annual prolongation.

Close topic

Extension of the period of validity of EU product safety "emergency" measures

Making EU product safety "emergency" measures directly apply to economic operators

B. Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products in non-emergency situations


Why risk assessment of identical products may differ


Diverging safety evaluations due to differing test results

Persistent differences in the safety aspects of certain consumer products


No action at EU level

Possibility of an additional laboratory test

Binding EU-wide measures setting specific safety requirements for certain products

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