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  Latest safety news - Zeeman necklaceslide

  • On January 2007, the European Commission received information from Germany via the RAPEX system on a necklace that presents a serious risk of poisoning.

    The notification concerns a Zeeman necklace, model C.27980, with product code 828300 and EAN code 2 000091279802. The silver-coloured chain is 41 cm long and the heart, studded with paste stones, is approximately 2,3 x 2 cm.

    The necklace presents a serious risk of poisoning to consumers if the heart is swallowed because in such circumstances the lead ingestion would be more than 1.000 times the limit value 0,7 µg laid down in the Toys Directive. The item was supplied from the Netherlands directly by the 240 Zeeman outlets in Germany. Other countries of destination are unknown at this stage.

    The European Commission has asked the Member States to take the necessary action to prevent risk to consumers and to inform the Commission of the results of the follow-up.

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