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In week 13, the Commission published 3 German notifications concerning cleaning and sealing sprays (199/06 ‘Magic Nano’, 200/06 ‘Magic Nano’ and 201/06 ‘Finy’). More than 110 incidents of health disorders had been reported in Germany after consumers had used these products. The sprays were voluntarily withdrawn from the market by the producer.

The ‘Magic Nano’ and ‘Finy’ sprays were allegedly based on nano-technology and initially it was thought that nano-particles were involved in the incidents. However, data from the companies responsible for manufacturing the sprays shows that the products in question did not contain nano-particles. This finding was also confirmed by chemical analyses commissioned by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.

The German authorities are continuing their efforts to clarify the toxic mechanism responsible for the adverse health effects that occurred after inhaling the aerosols. At this stage it appears that the problems were caused by the chemicals in the product combined with the inhalation of a fine mist consisting of particularly small droplets delivered through the spray mechanism.

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