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International cooperation: overview

A global market place requires a global approach to the enforcement of product safety rules. That is why we have developed close cooperation with our international partners, to exchange information on emerging risks and unsafe products, coordinate standardisation efforts and to ensure that manufacturers worldwide are aware of the applicable safety requirements and comply with them.

Growing international trade means that increasingly the same products are traded on markets across the world. Therefore, we believe that closer cooperation between global regulators in the area of consumer product safety is necessary to address together the challenges posed by increasingly complex supply chains and higher volumes of trade.

With our main trading partners, i.e. the USA, China and Japan, we have developed bilateral relationships to underline the importance of close cooperation on product safety.

Together with our Chinese and American counterparts we have engaged in (high-level) tri-lateral discussions to build up mutual trust and to develop a coordinated response to the challenges we face in addressing product safety concerns.

We pursue cooperation with other countries mainly through international forums, such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and its Consumer Policy Committee (CCP), the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus (ICPSC) and the International Consumer Product Safety and Health Organisation (ICPSHO), which is a multi-stakeholder forum.

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