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  General Q&A on Guidance on the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (2005/29/EC)slide

Why has the Commission decided to issue Guidance on the application of the Directive?

The Guidance aims at developing a common understanding and a convergence of practices across the EU. Through discussions with national authorities and stakeholders, the Commission became aware that there were concerns relating to the interpretation of certain provisions of the Directive. This Guidance aims therefore at clarifying those areas of the Directive perceived to be problematic where there was a risk a divergent application by the competent authorities in the Member States.

Who is this Guidance intended for?

Is the Guidance legally binding?

Why does the Guidance not cover all the provisions of the Directive?

What about the provisions not covered by the Guidance?

How often will the Guidance be updated?

Who was consulted on this Guidance?

How can I provide comments on this Guidance?

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