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The University of Leuven has conducted a study on alternative means of consumer redress other than redress through ordinary judicial proceedings. It consists of a comparative report PDF and 28 national reports ZIP (for the EU-25, Australia, Canada and the US). The study includes an overview of the national legal provisions for collective redress.

The Commission has also launched a new study focusing specifically on collective redress in the EU. The call of the tender can be found under tenders.

The Commission will use the results of both studies as well as information provided by stakeholders to decide whether, and if so, to which extent, an initiative on collective redress is required at EU level.

Intermediate evaluation of the European consumer centresÂ’ network (Euroguichets), 10.11.2004, by Civic Consulting - Part One

Ex ante budgetary evaluation of a possible merger of EEJ-Net and the ECC Network and assessment of the pilot phase of the EEJ-Net, July 2004, EPEC – Final Report

Access to Justice : Eurobarometer survey

Report October 2004 DE FR (+/- 480 KB)

Executive Summary DE FR (+/- 275 KB)



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