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   Workshop On Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution - Vienna 23 February 2006

A workshop to discuss ways to improve Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the EU was organised by the Commission and hosted by the Austrian Presidency in Vienna on 23 February 2006.

The workshop launched a discussion on possible ways for improving the situation with regard to ADR. Three main topics were up for discussion: the framework for quality ADR in Europe; the development of new ADR schemes; and the relation between ADR and other means of redress, such as small claims and collective means of redress. The workshop was held the day before the Austrian Presidency event on "Effective Legal Redress- The Consumer protection Instruments of action for injunction and group damages actions".

  • Summary of a report commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection pdf
  • Background document - Workshop on Alternative dispute resolution for consumers in the European Union pdf
  • Session 1: The Frame Work for Quality ADR in the EU

This first session examined if the current legal framework at European level, in particular the Commission Recommendations 98/257/EC and 2001/310/EC are sufficient to promote efficient consumer ADR schemes.

  • Session 2: Development of New ADR Schemes in the EU

The second session reflected upon possible ways to create new ADR schemes and to encourage both consumers and business to sign up to ADR.

  • Session 3: ADR and Other Means of Redress

The third aimed to examine the relationship between ADR and other existing procedures of consumer redress such as judicial small claims proceedings or collective redress.

  • Session 4: Conclusions


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