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NEW: Consumers: Green paper consultation on reviewing consumer laws

On 8 February 2007 the Commission launched a major drive to overhaul core EU consumer rules, including guarantees, refunds and cooling-off periods – to adapt them to the challenges of a fast-growing digital world. For the next three months, the Commission will consult as widely as possible to gather views from businesses, regulators and consumer groups, about the best ways forward to remedy existing shortcomings and problems in the current legislation. Consumer spending represents 58% of EU GDP, yet very few consumers take advantage of the biggest single market in the world and actually buy products or services in other EU countries. Part of the problem is that while minimum consumer protection standards exist at EU level, different Member States top up this legislation to varying degrees and in different ways. The Commission would like to boost consumer and business confidence in the Internal Market by having a single and simple set of consumer rules. The Green Paper invites comments on 8 Directives including laws on sales and guarantees, on package travel, on timeshare and on distance selling.

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