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  Overview of Consumer Policyslide

Consumer policy is central to the EU's objective of continuously improving the quality of life of all EU citizens. The aim of promoting the interests, health and safety of consumers in the EU is enshrined in articles 153 and 95 of the Treaty establishing the European Community.

EU consumer policy aims to ensure that the internal market is open, fair and transparent, so that consumers can exercise real choice; rogue traders are excluded and consumers and business can take advantage of its potential.

Consumer policy involves:

  • increasing consumer confidence in the internal market which contributes to the improvement of business competitiveness by setting a regulatory framework that is the same and equally enforced across the European market and that protects consumers effectively;
  • strengthening consumers’ position on the market place by the development of consumer education tools and the active support of EU consumer organisations and their involvement in policy making;
  • ensuring that consumer concerns are taken into account in all EU policies;
  • complementing Member States' consumer policy;
  • collecting consumer-related data to support the development of legislative proposals and other initiatives.



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