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International Product Safety Week 2010


Centre Albert Borschette
36, rue Froissart
1040 Brussels

The European Commission organised events under the umbrella of the 3rd International Product Safety Week in Brussels, from 1 to 3 December 2010. As in the past years, this week comprised a series of conferences and meetings bringing together a broad range of (non-food) consumer product safety professionals from around the world, representing regulators, businesses, consumer organisations, standard makers and test laboratories, academics etc.

Programme Follow the link:

Wednesday 1 December

  • Revision of the EU General Product Safety Directive Stakeholder Conference

Thursday 2 December

  • Meeting of the OECD Working Party on Consumer Product Safety
  • Information event on Cords and Chains in window coverings - a Hidden Home Hazard
  • Event organised by the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus

Friday 3 December

  • International risk assessment seminar of EMARS II
    (a PROSAFE project on Enhancing Market Surveillance through Best Practice)

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Information Event on Cords and chains in window coverings - a hidden home hazard

In the context of the International Product Safety Week 2010, the European Commission organised an "Information Event on Cords and chains in window coverings - a hidden home hazard", on 2 December 2010.

The event provided an overview on:

  • hazards posed by cords and chains in window coverings;
  • ongoing international cooperation to improve the safety of window coverings;
  • ongoing work to set up stronger safety requirements and ensure safety form factory to shelf and home installation;
  • safer products and practical advice on what can be done to improve the safety of existing products at home.

Cords and Chains in window coverings - a Hidden Home Hazard Programme


N.B. Linked to these events in Brussels, ICPHSO, the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organisation has organised a Symposium on International Cooperation on Product Safety in November 2010 in London. The symposium focussed on the evolution of product safety in the EU and how it could respond to future challenges.

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