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European Consumer Summit 2009

The European Consumer Summit took place on 1-2 April 2009 and was generally agreed to be a great success.

The purpose of the European Consumer Summit was to review the challenges and the opportunities of the digital environment - for consumers; for consumer advocates; for business; and for consumer policy makers.

All interested parties were involved in the programme, parts of which presented the distinction of being as democratic as possible: not only were consumers invited and physically present, but others had the possibility to follow the discussions via web-streaming as well as to interact with the speakers through a functional mailbox that was monitored throughout the Summit.

Building on a pre-event geared towards gathering European citizens' views and concerns as consumers operating in the digital world, as well as the political view expressed by Commissioner Kuneva, subsequent workshop and panel meetings took a first step towards formulating the most appropriate response to emerging issues.

Once all the data is analysed, it is anticipated that the conclusions will complete our view on the challenges and opportunities at stake and will serve to inform reflections on future policy making, to create synergies between advocates and stakeholders and to alert and inform consumers themselves on issues of concern to them in the digital environment.

Video summary of the event

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