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European Consumer Summit 2011

EU Consumer Policy: the way ahead

Commissioner John Dalli

I am pleased to welcome you to the 2011 European Consumer Summit.

This year Summit will focus on the way ahead in EU Consumer Policy.

We are at a crucial point: this is the time both to draw some conclusions from the results delivered by the current Consumer Policy Strategy, which will end in 2013, and to make progress to define the post 2013 Strategy.

The Commission will be tabling proposals by the end of this year with a view to deliver a Consumer Policy Strategy which has a clear EU added value and contributes to sustainable economic growth. The aim of the Summit is to focus on tools for delivery.

At the Summit you will have the possibility to provide your views on a number of areas which could be part of the new Strategy. These include: Evidence Base, Participative Enforcement, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Capacity building of Consumer Movements, Consumer Information and Consumer Education.

On this website you will find more information on each of these areas. You will also have the possibility to provide your perspective by posting comments during the lead-up to this event.

I count on your active contribution to the building of the new Strategy and look forward to meeting you at the Summit.

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