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Online Ticket Sales Sweep

Results of the 2010 sweep websites selling tickets to cultural and sporting events are positive, the Commission announced on 29 Sept. 2011:

  • 88% of the websites checked for breach of EU consumer rules are now in line compared to only 40% in 2010.

This sector was chosen after European Consumer Centres received numerous complaints.

In June 2010, consumer authorities in the EU 27, Norway and Iceland checked 414 ticketing sites. The main problems were unfair contract terms and conditions, and missing or misleading price information and trader details.

"EU sweeps" is an investigation of specific online markets by consumer authorities, for compliance with EU consumer laws, to see where consumer rights are being compromised or denied. National enforcement authorities then tell the non-compliant companies to come into line or face legal action.

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Questions and Answers: Now safer to shop for tickets online following EU Sweep investigation

Presentation of main findings

Tips for consumers

National press contacts

National websites

Examples of good and bad practice

Please view the good and bad examples below and skim over both pages to find the specific examples.

What consumers should watch out for

What consumers should find

Consumers should:

Check that the contact details of the trader can be found on the site.
Check that they have complete information about the price: price should be inclusive of all taxes, and information about the price should be provided in a clear, intelligible, unambiguous and timely manner.
Check the terms and conditions, especially to see if delivery is guaranteed on time (except in the case of extraordinary circumstances) or if the trader guarantees full reimbursement in case of cancellation of the event not due to extraordinary circumstances.

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