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The European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) is the Commission's main forum to consult national and European consumer organisations.


  • Constitutes a forum for general discussions on problems relating to consumer interests.
  • Gives an opinion on Community matters affecting the protection of consumer interests.
  • Advises and guides the Commission when it outlines policies and activities having an effect on consumers.
  • Informs the Commission of developments in consumer policy in the Member States.
  • Acts as a source of information and soundboard on Community action for the other national organisations.

The ECCG meets three times a year in Brussels.

It consists of:

  • one representative of national consumer organisations per country;
  • one member from each European consumer organisation (BEUC and ANEC);
  • two associate members (EUROCOOP and COFACE);
  • Two EEA observers (Iceland and Norway).

The ECCG has been created by Commission Decision 2003/709/EC of 9 October 2003. This Decision has been repealed by Commission Decision 2009/705/EC of 14 September 2009 setting up a European Consumer Consultative Group.

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Members of the European Consumer Consultative Group

Members & Alternates Updated 30-10-2013
Member & Alternate for Croatia Updated 30-10-2013

Agenda, Presentations and Minutes from previous ECCG Meetings


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October 2013

June 2013

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ECCG sub-groups:

ECCG sub-group on competition

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The ECCG sub-group on Competition was created in 2009. This group brings together representatives of consumer organisations from each Member State and those active at EU level, to discuss twice a year in Brussels competition issues. National Competition Authorities are also participating to one meeting a year.


The European Consumer Consultative Group is the Commission advisory body to consult national and European consumer organisations on issues relating to consumer interests. Competition policy features prominently among those issues, as it is aimed at making markets work better for the benefit of consumers.

The European Commission considers essential that the impact of an effective competition policy is focussed on maximising consumer welfare. To achieve this objective the Commission places consumer concerns and issues at the heart of its competition work, and ensures that the results of this work are presented in a clear and transparent way. The Commission is committed to conducting a proper dialogue with consumers on competition issues. Through understanding consumer perceptions, the Commission is better able to place all aspects of the market in context when identifying issues and remedies.


The main objectives of the ECCG sub-group on competition are the following:

  • Sharing views with consumer representatives and getting input from them on competition/consumer issues;
  • Drawing the Commission's attention to specific problems of concern to consumers or national situations for consumers;
  • Exchanging best practices and pooling available expertise on competition matters between consumer organisations;
  • Getting feedback on the practical results of competition enforcement actions, at both national and EU levels;
  • Informing and raising awareness among EU and national consumer representatives about current competition issues;
  • Reporting to the ECCG.

The secretariat and the presidency of the Committee are held by the Commission.

For further information, please contact secretariat:

List of Members

Minutes from previous meetings:

ECCG Opinions

European Consumer Consultative Group Opinion on consumers and vulnerability PDF

European Consumer Consultative Group Opinion on the revision of the Directive on Package Travel PDF

Opinion on the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on a Common European Sales Law COM(2011) 635 final - Adopted on 30th March 2012 by ECCG Plenary

Report of the ECCG on monitoring indicators of the consumer movementPDF

ECCG Opinion of the ECCG on the European Commission’s Green Paper on policy options for progress towards a European Contract Law for consumers and businesses

ECCG opinion on actions for damages

ECCG opinion on the New Energy Strategy: 20 July 2010

ECCG Opinion on the review of the Package Travel Directive: 21 April 2010

ECCG Opinion on Complaints Handling in Energy : 11 December 2009

ECCG Opinion on the Commission Proposal for a Directive on consumer rights : 6 October 2009

ECCG Opinion on the Commission Green Paper on consumer collective redress : 27 February 2009

ECCG Opinion on CE Marking : 20 February 2008

ECCG Opinion on information to patients : 20 February 2008

ECCG opinion on Origin Marking : 15 June 2004

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