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EU promotion of independent consumer product testing

Thanks to a project supported by the European Commission, consumers in Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia looking for a good value for their money have gained access to reliable comparative information on a broad range of popular products, from washing machines to mobile phones.

The three-year project ran from September 2006 to September 2009 and was initiated by International Consumer Research and Testing, and the European Consumers' Organisation (BEUC). It helped to start up or improve existing consumer magazines and websites in new EU countries This was done mainly through partnerships between established consumer associations with extensive experience in consumer testing (from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK) and the new members.

Press release: "EU promotes independent comparative product testing in six new countries" - (PDF version pdf)

Questions and Answers on the promotion of independent consumer product testing - (PDF version pdf)

Where to find the product test results?


In 2008 the Cyprus Consumers Association (CCA) re-launched the bi-monthly "O Katanalotis" in a completely revamped format, with extended articles presenting test results

Cyprus Consumers' Association (CCA)

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Czech Republic (and Slovakia)

In the Czech Republic, the publisher of independent comparative product tests is the "D-Test" magazine. In May 2009, "D-Test" succeeded in launching its presence in Slovakia where they are currently expanding. They cooperate with the consumer association SOS in distributing the magazine.


SOS - Sdružení Obrany Spotrebitelu

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OFE, the Hungarian consumer association, has improved the quality and content of its "Kosár" magazine, one of the longest standing magazines in the new EU countries.


Országos Fogyasztóvédelmi Egyesület (OFE)

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The Polish consumer organisation, Federacja Konsumentów, cooperated with the "Swiat Konsumenta" magazine for the publication of comparative testing results. Thanks to project, "Swiat Konsumenta" was able to convert into an independent non-profit magazine which is now free of advertising. It became a fully independent foundation, Pro-Test, qualifying for ICRT membership in 2009.

Swiat Konsumenta

Federacja Konsumentów

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The Romanian Association for Consumer Protection (Asociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor din Romania, APC) did not have a test-publishing magazine before the start of the project. In 2007, it successfully launched web publication and web sales of product test results at

APC has also found another national partner, ANPCPPS, for the print publication of the test results in the "Infocons" magazine, from January 2009. "Infocons" has become an ICRT member.


Asociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor din Romania

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The Slovene Consumers' Association (ZPS) has significantly upgraded their "VIP" consumer magazine, notably improving their capacity to perform local tests, for instance on food products. In 2009, ZPS introduced a TEST logo which manufacturers can display on tested products. The logo refers to the test results as published in "VIP" and gives the product ranking in the tests.

Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije

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