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  Consumer education - Conference on 'Financial Literact: Dolceta'slide

Albert Borschette Centre
36, Rue Froissart
1040 Brussels
Friday, 28 May 2010

This is a high level event organised by the European Commission, DG Health and Consumers and DG Internal Market and Services. In this conference we will discuss financial literacy as a lesson to draw from the financial crisis and present you the new Dolceta section on financial literacy for teachers.

The recent financial crisis revealed that consumers are increasingly obliged to make decisions in relation to a wide range of complex financial products and services. With a view to empower consumers, the European Commission is working on three complementary fields: pre-contractual information, advice and financial education.

Financial education is a crucial complementary principle in a way that empowers consumers to make informed choices and play their role in the integration of financial markets. Financial education should be introduced at an early age in order to to be efficient and effective.

The European Commission has been developing Dolceta, an on-line consumer education tool with different sections on consumer issues: consumer rights, services, product safety, sustainable consumption and financial services. Dolceta is adapted to all national cultures and languages.

The Commission has recently published an additional Dolceta section on financial literacy targeted at educators. A team of pedagogues and education experts ensured that various financial subjects are adjusted to different age levels and school curricula, providing education through play and real life situations.

In this conference, you will have the chance to familiarise with the new Dolceta section and listen to various speakers' views on the issue of financial literacy.


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