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Campaign: "Make responsible credit decisions!"/"Be a rational borrower!"

Organiser: Hansapank, and the Consumer Protection Board

Borrowing has become much easier for consumers, and very active marketing by banks and other financial institutions means that almost everybody can get a loan nowadays. However, many consumers are committing themselves to a loan without understanding the actual terms of the agreement or the consequences of borrowing. Many also overestimate their repayment abilities. Therefore, Estonia's biggest private bank, Hansapank, together with the Consumer Protection Board, initiated a campaign to promote responsible financial decisions and behaviour among consumers. The campaign included information events, press releases, advertisements in print media, brochures in the bank's offices and information on Hansapank's and the Consumer Protection Board's websites. Moreover, bank branches were marked with special signs and loan consultants wore special badges. Thanks to extensive press coverage in online and print media and on radio and TV, the campaign managed to raise public awareness of the need to borrow wisely and created a high client interest in this issue.

Campaign factsheet pdf
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Website: Hansapank
Website: Tarbijakaitseamet
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