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European Consumer Campaign of the Year Award

The European Commission, together with the ECCs in the Member States, have organised an EU-wide competition to find the best public consumer campaign of the year. The overall EU Consumer Champion Award will be given to the national campaign which has most successfully informed people about their rights and shifted consumer behaviour. The campaigns cover a wide range of topics, including financial services, air passenger rights, internet fraud, misleading advertising, young consumers and food information.

  • First prize went to Finland (the Finnish Consumer Agency) for "Galactor and the Code-breakers".
  • The UK campaign won "most original" prize with its "Consumer Challenge Quiz".
  • Ireland received "best financial campaign".
  • "Best children's prize" went to Hungary.
  • The judging Panel also gave special merit prizes to Norway for its "iTunes" campaign and to Estonia for the "Make Responsible Credit Decisions" campaign.

To view the National Award laureates campaigns, click on the corresponding country flag:

Find out more about the "Best consumer protection campaign" – European Awards pdf
Find out more about the EU Consumer Champion Awards pdf



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